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Does anyone know how many levels are in roliboli? :)

Hiyo, on Mac Catalina it's saying that "roliboli can't be opened". 


i'm a thicko - opening it with something like The Unarchiver fixes it up


You are the devil


The boli is very roli. Great game, but i have a suggestion: make the boli's shadow a different color from the platform shaders. Also, a mouse sensitivity setting would be great. Also, stay home and don't roli outside.

thank you for playing !
I'll definitely add a sensitivity slider in the next build and see what I can do with the shader to make it more readable :>

Why can’t I claim this? I’m without a pc because of what’s going on in the world so I cannot download it. Weird that it says download or claim yet it won’t let me claim it to download it for later.

mhh I'm not sure, you should be able to claim it,
did you try to switch your browser to computer mode ?


Would you be willing to implement a frame limiter? It's running at 1700 frames for me which gives me anxiety about my computer blowing up 😅

that's a lot of frames :O
I'll implement that in the next build 


Very cute game. I found it hard to control with my mouse (something to do with the DPI maybe?) but I switched to a laptop and using either the trackpad or the pointer nub worked a lot better.

I like the visual aesthetic but I think it's a little hard to judge the depth sometimes so on thin beams I couldn't really tell if I was about to fall off or not. Love the cozy vibe though.

thank you for playing !! I'm sorry for the mouse speed, I'm not always sure how to handle this things framerate-wise. I'l try to play with a pointer nub, that seems like a cool controller for this :>

Did you have a hard time reading the levels because of the colours or because of the patterns ?
if it's because of the colours I may be able to add accessibility options to tweak them 


Well, the edges of the shapes aren't very easy to discern because of the dot shading. If the dots were closer together it might help, as it is I only have kind of a vague idea of where the edges lie. Also, the shadow from the ball looks exactly the same as the shading on the platforms so it all kinda blends together.